Open Space

OPEN SPACE for OOO "VimpelCom Global Servises Ukraine"
at the address: Lviv, st. Shevchenko, 111a

The following work was performed:

  • design;
  • installation and laying out of cable networks;
  • laying out of power cable lines;
  • installation of shield equipment Shnaider Electric;
  • uninterruptible power supplies APM060 manufactured by Emerson Network Power;
  • industrial air-conditioning for server-type HPS produced by Emerson Network Power;
  • backup of the main power supply - diesel generator Atlas Copco.

The main idea of the office style «open space», is a room that is not divided by capital walls. The free flow of information is in open space. Employees do not sit in separate rooms but work together in one space. To create the effect of separation, as a rule, mobile or stationary partitions are used. This space organization is thus enforcing the team spirit.

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Dispatching is a set of hardware and software, through which the centralization of control is done and the state diagnostics of engineering systems, their management and immediate applying of appropriate measures in the cases of emergency. Permanent registration and fixing of all events in the system makes it possible to establish the true cause of the accident, to accurately identify those responsible of an emergency situation and to prevent its repetition in the future.

In modern systems of engineering system dispatching information technologies are widely used. Information about everything connected to the dispatching equipment system is displayed in real time on the screens.  Dispatching system computerisation enables the integration of security systems, connections and engineering systems into a single system, which is monitoring all equipment, unified by dispatching system, in real time.

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